Room fractions are fed up with Baudet.

Several political groups in the House have shown their disapproval about the way MP Baudet works. They reminded him that he repeatly requests debates on topics already on the Chamber Agenda.

Van der Plas of BBB added that she is clean enough of being depicted as unwilling MP in FVD videos on YouTube after such a debate request from Baudet.

As far as the danger of getting back as refusers in a video from Forum – that happened last week, very sorry – I do not support Mr Baudets request, too, Van der Plas said. She thinks Baudet omits from the videos why the parties do not support his requests.

Leijten van de SP also did not put her annoyance under chairs or benches. The only thing Mr Baudet does is ask for a debate, cut a video and start drinking rosé again.

Check out the discussion that arose when Baudet asked for a debate on the G7 summit:

Baudet calls the meeting rooms other than the main room with the blue chairs back rooms. Other groups regularly complain that Baudet is absent from these debates and then wants something on the agenda that has just been dealt with or already planned.

So today Baudet asked for a debate on the summit of the G7 and various international topics discussed there. You have been holding back a debate on Build Back Better for months, he reproves the other groups. According to Baudet, there is a secret strategy that he wants a debate about.

The other groups pointed out to him that several debates are scheduled tomorrow, such as European Affairs, the Eurogroup and the Foreign Affairs Council, which will address these issues.