Room: rent social housing this year freeze

Housing rents in the social sector (with rent up to 752 euros) are to be frozen this year due to the coronacrisis. This is the view of the House of Representatives, which adopted a motion tabled by MP Beckerman, together with GroenLinks and PvdA.

The motion was unexpectedly supported by the VVD, which was against all previous proposals. And that is what the CDA calls opportunistic, because the VVD votes in favour one month before the elections.

The rent increase in the free sector should also be limited to inflation plus an increase of up to 1%. The Chamber adopted the initiative law of the Pvda parliament member Nijboer. If the First Chamber also agrees, the maximum rent increase in the free sector is laid down by law.

Tenants of corporate housing received an average rental price increase of 2.7% in 2020. The SP wants to work towards a reduction in rent and therefore advocated a freeze on the rents last year.

But Minister Ollongren of the Interior was against it. She wants landlords to come to the aid of only tenants who are in real financial difficulties.

Motion of censure

The discussions about this in the House last year gave her a historic motion of censure on the part of the Senators. The Cabinet has yet to respond to the Chambers wish today.

By the way, several corporations themselves have already decided not to increase the rents last year and this year.