Room wants clarification about progress formation

Second President Bergkamp has asked informator Hamer on behalf of the Chamber about the state of play of the formation. She wants more insight into the planning and further progress of the formation process.

Direct reason is a letter from PVV leader Wilders. He asked his colleagues today for support for a parliament debate on the formation, which he finds to be slow. He calls it constitutional impure and politically undesirable for the demissionary cabinet to appoint new entities and make decisions โ€œas if they were missionaryโ€.

A majority of the Chamber does not support Wilders proposal and does not want a debate until there is a final report by Hamer, writes Bergkamp. โ€œBut I find that there is a need for a closer understanding of the cabinet formation process. I also reach such messages from society.โ€


Informer Hamer announced a month ago that the formation entered a holiday period. In mid-August, negotiations for a new cabinet could start again, she expected.

She instructed VVD leader Rutte and D66 leader Kaag to write a โ€œdocument on the outlineโ€ within a few weeks, a kind of incitation to a coalition agreement. They must also take into account the other four remaining parties: CDA, PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie.

How it works with that document is unclear. Nor has it been confirmed whether the formation talks are expected to start on Monday.