Room wants free extra study year due to corona

The House of Representatives wants students to be given the opportunity to study for one more year, if they have suffered from the coronapandemic. They dont have to pay tuition or tuition fees that year.

A majority supports a motion on this by GroenLinks and D66. The scheme should apply to students in MBO, HBO and universities. The income lost by educational institutions must be fully compensated by the Cabinet. In any case, PVV, SP, PvdA and ChristianUnion agree.

The Chamber wants more attention to young people who are severely affected by the pandemic. They have hardly been given physical lessons for months now and their side job has often been dropped because the catering industry is closed. Research shows that their well-being is bad, partly because they have few social contacts left.

No taboos

Several educational institutions have also suggested giving students more financial space and an additional year of study.

Prime Minister Rutte said in the coronadebat in the House of Representatives that the Ministers Slob and Van Engelshoven of Education are talking with students and institutions about a National Programme for Education na Corona. โ€œThere are no taboos, not even a year of study,โ€ says Rutte.

Step in the right direction

Studentenunion LSvB calls the extra year โ€œa step in the right direction, but not enoughโ€. President Lyle Muns points out that this is only about students who have been delayed in studies.

โ€œ But there are also many students who have lost income and students who are worried about the quality of education,โ€ says Muns. โ€œAnd in many other areas too, it can feel like a lost year for students. They must be able to do that again.โ€