Room wants to end rabbit and hare hunting

The House of Representatives wants to end the hunt for rabbits and hares. The animals are still on the list of animals that can be hunted freely, with the pheasant, the wild duck and the wood pigeon. These animals may be shot by hunters during the hunting season.

Since last year, the rabbit and the hare have been on the red list of endangered species. That must therefore affect their protection, the Chamber considers. The prohibition applies only to hobby hunting or pleasure hunting, not in case of disease control, pests or other grounds for hunting.

Meadow birds

On the last official meeting day of the House of Representatives, several motions were also adopted for greater protection of meadow birds.

For example, the cabinet has to investigate ‘the harmful role of cats and stray cats’ because they are ‘one of the biggest threats for meadow birds.

The Chamber also wants more money for the protection of the grutto and for the conservation of nature by farmers.