Roots of Evil is released to the action roleplaying Yaga

Romanian studio Breadcrumbs Interactive and publishing house Versus Evil have announced a new paid addition to satirical roleplaying action film Yaga. Addon is named Roots of Evil and is about to come to the Ps. The village of Oak Dole has begun to be attacked by evil monsters, and the refugees from there claim to be the fault of the entire Forest.

Leshky himself does not support this view and is certain that he was framed. He asks Ivan the one-armed blacksmith not to cut his shoulder and to deal with the situation peacefully.

If Ivan decides to listen to Leshei‘s arguments, we will have a mysterious journey and meet the extraordinary characters: the legendary kuma Fox, the Boy with the trinkets, and the moneylender Gigi. And each of them will have something to entrust to our hero.

Yaga โ€” Roots of Evil will be released on PC before the end of the year and will be sold on Steam and Epic Games Store. Over time, it will appear on consoles as well.

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