Roskomnadzor blocked 4PDA portal

Today according to the court decision of 26. 03. 2021 Roskomnadzor blocked the site 4PDA.

The court appealed LLC National Sports TV Channel, which is much better known for TV channel MatchTV. According to the appeal, 4PDA.

ru was illegally distributed materials of the TV channel Football 1 . Today 4PDA is one of the largest resources about technologies in the country.

According to Similar Web, it ranks fifth and its attendance exceeds 20m a month. Note that most of the content of the resource is made up of the reserve, which was actively distributed through the forums.

It seems that the NST sued not specifically 4PDA, and on American Cloudflare, which provides services to the resource. After the defendants failure to appear, the court referred the blocking request to the RKN.

Perhaps if everything was done as usual, forum moderators would simply delete the content. Now 4PDA.

ru moved to 4pda. to address.

The decision is temporary: the forum notes that the company is already addressing the issue of unlocking, but when it happens is not yet known. More on CCeit Played in Total War: Warhammer III.

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