Roskomnadzor extended Twitter slowdown in Russia until May 15

Roskomnadzor extended Twitter slowdown on the territory of the Russian Federation until May 15 to give social networks extra time to remove all prohibited content and bring its activities in full compliance with the legislation of the country. Recall that initially measures were taken from March 10 of this year. While the social network moderation service removed some of the prohibited materials (1,9 thousand out of 3.

1 thousand) and increased the deletion rate (about 580 of 650 new links were removed). The average time of removal is 81 hours, although according to Russian law, 24 hours are allocated.

Previously, Roskomnadzor noted that they can block Twitter if the administration continues ignore the requirements of the department. Due to the removal of a significant part of prohibited content and increasing the speed of the moderation service, we decided not to resort to complete blocking.

โ€œRoskomnadzor will continue to cooperate with the administration of Twitter for the full and speedy removal of all prohibited information by the social network. Compliance with the Russian legislation in full will allow to remove measures to slow traffic and eliminate the blocking of the service in Russia.

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