Roskomnadzor threatens to slow down all Google services in Russia in 24 hours

Roskomnadzor threatened Google with slowing traffic if the company does not actively remove content banned in Russia within 24 hours from its sites. This is reported by TASS. As the department notes, Google does not remove from 20 to 30% of links to prohibited content – thus the company leads in the number of โ€œfailed illegal illegal contentโ€, which โ€œdirectly harms Russian usersโ€.

As an example, Roskomnadzor reported that on YouTube there were 3,5 thousand videos โ€œcalling for extremismโ€ โ€” blocked only one and a half thousand. It is noteworthy that today it became known about Google‘s lawsuit against Roskomnadzor.

In it, the company asks to recognize the requirements of the RKN illegal. The lawsuit was issued by the American office – it is assumed that because of the expectation to lose the court in Russia and try to challenge it in other instances like Europe.

If Roskomnadzor starts to slow down Google, as it did with Twitter, it will affect all the services of the company โ€” from mail and search engine, to YouTube and many other platforms of the corporation. More on CCeit โ€œIn all these years we have not intervened onceโ€: Marvel unveils โ€œEternalโ€ teaser Microsoft owns the rights to all future games by The Outer Worldโ€ ; We’re always trying to killโ€: new trailer for season five of โ€œRick and Mortyโ€.