Roskomnadzor with Twitter has caught all sites with “” – among them Steam, Microsoft, Xbox and Reddit

In the morning, Roskomnadzor began to slow down the speed of Twitter in order to protect Russian citizens, as the administration of the social network does not remove prohibited content — including one that induces suicide and contains child pornography. However, users noticed that the agency limited the download speed of all sites with the mention of the short domain Twitter — t. co.

Telecom operators who have already included restrictions struggle to download portals like Reddit (reddit. com), Microsoft (microsoft.

com), GitHub (githubusercontent. com) or Russian Championships (championat.

com) and Russia Today (russian. rt.

com) . Moreover, Xbox owners do not load app and game icons, and the download speed of games on Steam dropped to 128 kilobits in second — the fact is that the content is downloaded through a separate subsite SteamContent.

com. While the RKN in the commentary for vc.

ru notes that restrictions to all sites except Twitter are not are related to the actions of the department. However, we will remind, after the beginning of the slowdown of Twitter the sites of the Kremlin, the State Duma, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Roskomnadzor fell — officially these events are not connected.

In April 2018, when Roskomnadzor tried to block Telegram, there was a similar situation: then hundreds of thousands of portals suffered from the action of the department – among them were gaming services like PlayStation Network, which couldnt go away for a couple of months. More on Gambling Sigourney Weaver considers Aliens the best film of the series for Ripley In China will once again release Avatar – he can go around the fees Avengers & raquo; Rust creators lost a lot of player data due to burnt servers.