Rothschild family agreement: masterpiece Rembrandt to the Netherlands

Rembrandt‘s Standard Bearer is definitely coming to the Netherlands. This has been agreed with the French bankers family Rothschild, says outgoing minister Van Engelshoven.

The Dutch state allocates 150 million euros for the purchase of the masterpiece, and the Rembrandt Association and the Rijksmuseum Fund also pay 25 million euros together.

Yesterday it was announced that the French government is waiving the purchase and wants to issue an export license. The Rijksmuseum announced that it wanted to do everything to obtain the painting, but not to have enough money. This morning it became known that the Empire was willing to pay in order to bring Rembrandt’s work here.

According to outgoing minister Van Engelshoven, it is important to purchase the painting:

According to experts, the Standard Bearer is Rembrandt‘s most important work that was still in private hands. The intention is that the painting will go on tour through the Netherlands and will be on display in all provinces. Ultimately, it gets a place in the Rijksmuseum. In 2019, it also hung there, at an exhibition.

Rijksmuseum director Taco Dibbits believes that the painting belongs in the Netherlands because it is โ€œso deeply linked to Dutch history and because Rembrandt is one of the most famous painters in the Netherlands, who is among the absolute topโ€, he said earlier today.

The cabinet had been preparing for some time to bring the canvas here. Last weekend, group chairmen in the House of Representatives were informed in confidence about their intention to allocate 150 million euros for it.

Rembrandt’s paintings are in great demand and go all over the world: