Rotterdam neighbourhood hears shots: man (28) arrested

A 28-year-old man was arrested in Rotterdam on Monday night. โ€œSeveral witnesses had heard it; there was shooting at the Schippersstraat. Another had seen someone drive away in a car,โ€ reports the police.

After the testimony, agents on Hudson Street were able to bring in a 28-year-old man.

Shots sounded around 5:30. Cops in bulletproof vests at least found a casing. Witnesses heard the gunshots, and someone saw the man who supposedly fired a shot walk into a car and drive away.

The police were alerted and spoke to witnesses. That provided โ€œvery valuable information โ€œand a description of the defendants car. The man was caught while he was in his vehicle.

The investigation continues and witnesses, who have not yet spoken to the police, can still report.

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