Rotterdam still assistance capital, Scherpenzeel fastest grower

Rotterdam has been the municipality for twelve years with relatively the most recipients of assistance. In Scherpenzeel, the number of residents receiving assistance benefits increased most rapidly during that period, according to figures from the Central Statistical Office.

The proportion of people receiving assistance varies greatly from municipality to municipality. In Rotterdam, there are almost 68 out of a thousand. In Ameland, relatively the least people with assistance live: less than 2 in a thousand. Twelve years ago Rotterdam was also at the top of the list and Ameland almost at the bottom.

At that

time, Scherpenzeel also had few beneficiaries of assistance. But in the meantime the share has tripled: from 2.6 to 8 in a thousand. Other fast riders are Schiermonnikoog, Kaag and Braassem and Zoeterwoude.

Halfway through last year, 28 of every thousand Dutch people received assistance from their municipality. There are just over a year earlier, but still considerably less than in 2017. As a result of the recession that followed the credit crisis, the number of recipients of assistance increased to over 30 per thousand Dutch people. The recent increase is due, among other things, to the coronacrisis.

More women

For years now, there have been more women than men on welfare benefits. It is striking that in 2020, the proportion of women receiving assistance decreased at a minimum, while the proportion of men increased.