Royal Court DLC for Crusader Kings III will be released on February 8

The creators of the historical strategy Crusader Kings III announced the release date of the Royal Court add-on – it will be released on February 8. The owners of the expansion are waiting for notable innovations: on the one hand, the throne room itself and the royal court, on the other hand, an improvement in the cultural system. And if the first one is more or less clear (you see yourself, your close ones, as well as the trophies, works of art, etc.

, make receptions, and also make court), then culture deserves special attention. First of all, new ones will appear cultural traditions that influence your playstyle, Hybridization, which allows you to mix your people, and Separation, you can change culture in your own way wish or watch one culture transform into many new culture.

In addition, with the release of the expansion, all strategy owners will receive a free update. Gambling Addiction Rumor: Rockstar throws all his strength to save GTA: The Trilogy Official: in December, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will receive Tropico 5 and The Escapists 2 The director of the game world Dying Light 2 spoke about The city and its inhabitants.