Royston Drenthe cleared of money laundering

The court in Breda cleared Royston Drenthe of money laundering. According to the law, the footballer, who now wears the shirt of Racing Murcia, would have laundered more than 175,000 euros. According to the judge, there is insufficient evidence for that.

The police found the money in a hidden place in a car over two years ago. According to Drenthe, he lent that money to someone through a family member.

Given the amount of the amount, the court suspects that there is money laundering. Also by the way the money was transported. According to the court, it was not proven that Drenthe had anything to do with that.

Drenthe returned to the football field in early January. The 33-year-old wing defender then joined Racing Murcia, which will be released in Segunda Division B at the third level in Spain.

Last year Drenthe said goodbye to Sparta as a professional footballer and wanted to focus on a career as a rapper. He continued to play football at Cossack Boys, which is released in the Second Division.

Drenthe has played for Feyenoord, Real Madrid, Everton and Russian Alania Vladikavkaz, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday, Kayseri Erciyesspor and Baniyas.