Rüdiger tells a heartwarming story about Ancelotti: Ive never seen it

Antonio Rüdiger came to Real Madrid transfer-free last summer and he says that he was immediately well taken care of by, among others, his new trainer. On the day that the German defender arrived, Carlo Ancelotti decided to visit him to get to know him.
I had only been in my new home with my family for a few hours, Rüdiger told ESPN about his first day in Madrid. We were having a barbecue until suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened and Ancelotti was suddenly at the door. He came in and sat down at the table. He had dinner with us and met my family right away. He did that in a very calm and normal way.
Rüdiger attaches great importance to this approach. He had also never experienced this before in his career. He spent two hours with us and we really talked about everything. Ill be honest, Ive never experienced this before in my career. There is no trainer who has ever done something like that for me.
Now that Rüdiger has been playing Real Madrid for a few months, he is completely aware of what special trainer Ancelotti is. Now that Ive been here for a few months, Im really sure. There is no one as good at dealing with its players as Ancelotti is. In that, he is at a lonely height.

Ive never experienced anything like it, no coach has ever done something like that for me. This story from Antonio Rudiger about meeting Carlo Ancelotti for the first time is so wholesome ❤️ pic.twitter.com/WVVTe1vWzP
— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) September 20, 2022