Rumor: Another Fire Emblem Game May Be Released This Year

According to Emily Rogers, a well-known insider reporting the news about Nintendo, another game from the Fire Emblem series may be released this year. Rogers said that the development of the project, which took more than three years, almost complete. It is also reported that Intelligent Systems did not deal with the game alone, but together with some third-party studio.

Despite the announcement of the release in 2022, Rogers suggests that the release may be delayed until 2023 year. At the same time, she recalled that in 2017, two games of the Fire Emblem series were released at once – Warriors and Echoes.

Recall that earlier, as part of Nintendo Direct, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three was announced Hopes is an upcoming hack and slash game in which familiar heroes will have to deal with hordes of enemies in spacious locations. The project is scheduled for release on June 24.

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