Rumor: Bungie could start working on an animated show by Destiny

One of the vacancies on Bungies website hints that the company may be working on an animated show on Destiny. Currently, Bungie is looking for a senior producer who will manage the IP Destiny approval process for all linear media stories developed on the side. It is known that the applicant must have experience with licensed products and/or animations, and laquo; a strong understanding of Destiny and its world.

Bungie has already announced its intention to become a global multimedia entertainment company. Sony, which previously announced the purchase of Bungie, wants to help her with this.

Recall also that the new head of the development department of Destiny Universe Transmedia is Deryk Tsai, who previously worked at Riot Games, where he directed League of Legends. More on Gambling Return and Unpacking at BAFTA became the best games of 2021 Despite the big money, gaming metaverse is losing Horror The Quarry audience feels a worthy heir to Until Dawn – IGN preview.