Rumor: Detroits fourth hero: Become Human wanted to make a sex android

Insider Tom Henderson, who recently talked about Quantic Dream on Star Wars, revealed new details about the studio‘s other projects. According to Henderson, Quantic Dream began pursuing a new open-world space game right after the release of Beyond: Two Souls. The project was then codenamed Project Karma before being renamed Project Solstice.

In total, it was worked on for about two years. In the end, the game was cancelled as Sony wanted to complete the collaboration with Quantic Dream after Detroit: Become Human.

In addition, the studio itself experienced problems with the engine in connection with the open world. Henderson went on to talk about the reasons Sony changed its attitude: Detroit: Become Human originally had 4 protagonists, the last being a sex android — blonde with big boobs.

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i’m not joking. Tom HendersonIn Henderson‘s opinion, the presence of a similar character did not please Sony:This fourth protagonist and some of the stories associated with it resulted in Sony wanting to roll up a 3 game deal IMMEDIATELY.

Tom HendersonThe insider also added that it’s unclear at this point whether the new Star Wars game is related to the canceled Project Karma. Perhaps not, since the engine of the past project never managed the open world that, according to media reports, will appear in the new game.

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