Rumor due to Nazi collaborator named stadium in Ukraine

The Simon Wiesenthal Center demands a change of name from the Roman Shukhevych Stadium in Ukraine.

The complex is named after a former collaborator of the Nazis, who is revered in his homeland as a nationalist fighter for Ukraines independence.

At the beginning of March, the stadium in Ternopil, in the west of the country, was named after Shoevich. The Wiesenthal Center now wants FIFA to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to reverse this.

โ€œWe expect you to insist that the Ukrainian Football Association prohibits matches in the stadium until its name is changed in accordance with the FIFA statutes,โ€ writes the organization in a letter to FIFA-Preses Gianni Infantino. The issue should be on the agenda of the FIFA Congress in May.

Earlier this month, the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine, too, reacted to the announcement of the new name of the stadium.