Rumor: Forspoken action role-playing may be postponed to 2023

In early March, Square Enix and Luminous Productions developers postponed Forspoken‘s RPG action from May 24 to October 11. But probably the game is waiting for another move. According to rumors shared by Nick Baker, an insider and host of the Xbox Era podcast, there is a possibility that Square Enix will reschedule Forspoken again โ€” quite it is possible that at all for 2023.

And it depends, according to Baker’s source, on whether Final Fantasy XVI will have time to release the game this year. Probably, the publisher would not like to collide the new franchise with a new part of the famous series.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XVI, a couple of weeks ago, producer Naoki Yoshida said that the trailer for the game was ready, and are preparing to present soon. Recall, Forspoken is created for PlayStation 5 and PC.

On both platforms, the game costs 5719 rubles. In the story, the main character Frey Holland is mysteriously transported from New York to a dangerous fantasy world and discovers on her hand a talking bracelet that gives her magical Abilities.

Frey has to find a way home, and on the way fight dangerous monsters, fight back the powerful Tantas and uncover the dangerous secrets of this unusual world. And what the game looks like can be seen in the recent gameplay video below.

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