Rumor from Rotterdam: Baldé does not pass medical inspection at Feyenoord

A striking rumor from Rotterdam: Aliou Baldé did not pass the Feyenoord Transfermarkt medical inspection according to the generally well-established Feyenoord Transfermarkt.

Baldé was going to sign his contract today in De Kuip, but it is not known what Feyenoord will do now that the medical tests have not gone well. Baldé plays for Diambars de Saly Dourbel, a club from his native Senegal. The wing attacker was also in the interest of Borussia Dortmund. German media mentioned earlier that Baldé would agree with Dortmund, but that does not prove true.
The scouting of Feyenoord was convinced after Baldé‘s performance against Oranje O17 at the 2019 World Cup, where he managed to find the net and the reports convinced the club leadership. However, the deal is now in question and it is not yet known what Feyenoord will do next.

According to a source, player did not pass all medical tests. Let’s just wait and see what Feyenoord will do now.
— Feyenoord Transfermarkt (@FeyenoordTM) January 19, 2021