Rumor: Ken Levin announces his new game on TGA

According to RalphsValve insider, cult game designer Ken Levin and his Ghost Story Games studio are preparing a kind of announcement for The Game Awards 2021. Presumably, the developers will present a project that has been working on for about six years. Ghost Story Games studio was founded in 2017, but due to the fact that it included the main roster of Irrational Games, its creation is considered more like rebranding.

Levin took this step after working on BioShock Infinite: he wanted to return to a small team with clear goals. It is not yet known whether the studio‘s new project has anything to do with BioShock.

According to some assumptions, we will have some kind of futuristic role-playing game. Meanwhile, 2K Games and Cloud Chamber studio have been engaged in the continuation of BioShock since 2018.

The Game Awards 2021 broadcast will begin on December 10 at 04:00am Moscow time. We will follow the process and publish new information as soon as it is released.

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