Rumor: New Battlefield Will Not Be a Hero Shooter, EA Learned Lessons

According to insider Tom Henderson, EA may have reconsidered its plans for the next part of Battlefield and not turn it into a heroic mercenary shooter. Henderson noted that his sources are also announcing a new Battlefield setting โ€” this will be the modern world/near future. Participants in recent Battlefield 2042 class system playtests shared their opinion that the new game could see changes that would closely link the roles of specialists with classes โ€” something that the community has long wanted.

was supposed to be the basis for the future series, but after the failure of the game, EA seems to have learned valuable lessons. Apparently, the developers of the new installment are planning to get rid of a number of changes that have taken place in Battlefield 2042 and that have been criticized by players.

Battlefield is in preparation for production. More at Gambling, Unity announced Gigaya – a game that will teach you how to create other games Xbox Game Pass subscribers try more genres and stream more often on Twitch Square Enix postponed a new Avengers indefinite patch.