Rumor: The sequel to animated Spider-Man has been dubbed Across the Spider-Verse

The network discovered a hint that a sequel to the animated story about Miles Morales might get the title Across the Spider-Verse. The title appeared on the Linkedln page of one of the effects specialists who worked on the first part of the cartoon. The release date also coincides — 2022.

On the basis of the title, many began to assume that in the sequel, Morales would go to foreign universes himself. If the title is true, the potential localized title of the cartoon remains in question — because in Russia the first part was translated as Through the Universes (Into the Spider-Verse).

Its possible that the project will just get the number 2 in the title. The release of the debut tape, where Miles Morales met with Spiders from other universes, was released in 2018, and the sequel is scheduled to be released in Russia on October 22, 2022.

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