Rumor to carnival parade in corona hotspot

While corona infestations in the region are rising high, a large club of carnival lovers took to the streets on Sunday afternoon in the German town of Jรผchsen. According to German media, at least 90 fur-dressed carnival riders went on foot and into vehicles in the village 100 kilometres east of Frankfurt.

To the surprise of many Germans, the police did not intervene until the end of the parade. Cops would have waited until they had enough men to intervene.

During the parade, the celebrations in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen region (Thuringia) had massively ignored the corona rules. In the procession, a prince carnival walked on a horse. Seven carnival riders were thrown on the ticket. As far as known, no one was arrested, although on social media there are images of a suspected arrest.

Local authorities speak of irresponsible behaviour on the part of the celebrations and warn other carnvals to change their mind twice before copying.

According to German media, the area with 471 positive corona-virus tests out of 100,000 inhabitants has been considered a true corona hotspot in the past week.

In the Netherlands, the coronavirus has largely gone through carnival of 2021. However, alternatives are being sought.