Rumor: Ubisoft creates a combat PvP arena with elements of battle royale

Tom Henderson, citing eight sources, said that Ubisoft is working on Project Q – an โ€œinnovativeโ€ PvP battle arena with elements of battle royale. The game will have two modes & mdash; Showdown with battle royale for four teams of two players each and Battle Zone for two teams with four players each, who need 100 points to win. The latter mode is also reminiscent of Call of Duty Hardpoint, and its goal is to control the map area for as long as possible.

Players will be able to choose weapons, abilities and skills of heroes with individualโ€ Miraclesโ€ (Wonders). Weapons include things like a deck of cards, fireworks, hammers, sticks, paint guns, and more.

Among the unique abilities, we noted โ€œWings of Icarusโ€, which allow you to jump and fly high. The artistic style of Project Q resembles Knockout City or Overwatch.

It is reported that today Ubisoft began to conduct the first playtests. The game is at a very early stage of development.

Recall that Project Q was first noticed in last years list of games from GeForce NOW leaked on GitHub. Ashesโ€ for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous โ€œFeels like a patchโ€ – journalists rated the Overwatch 2 alpha test EA announced F1 22 – the official game of Formula 1 in 2022 season.