Rumor: Ubisoft games will return to Steam after almost three years

Pavel Dzhundik, the creator of SteamDB, discovered a recent reference to Ubisoft Connect in the database. Does it mean that the French publisher has changed its mind and is ready to redistribute its games in Valve store? As a reminder, since March 2019, all current Ubisoft PC projects could be purchased at the Epic Games Store or your own Ubisoft store. Most likely, the company planned to lure the audience to its side, but it mostly preferred third-party stores.

By the way, last month the company summed up the results on the occasion of the first the anniversary of Connect, which replaced Uplay in October 2020. More on Gambling Adam Kiczyński: Its Time for Cyberpunk 2077 Release on Xbox Games Pass Fans Demand for Battlefield 2042 to add clavomouse support on consoles Hearing: Elden Ring will have more than 40 achievements.