Rumor: World of Warcraft: Complete Edition was found on the Xbox site

In the code of the official Xbox website, there was a mention of World of Warcraft: Complete Edition. Has Blizzard decided to port the legendary MMORPG to other platforms? Rumors about the release of the console version of World of Warcraft have repeatedly appeared for a decade and a half. Back in 2010, Blizzard producer Jay Allen Brack noted that the team had discussed more than once the ability to port the game to the console, but eventually decided that due to the difference in management, it was not worth doing it.

Last year, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in the Xbox Series X version was spotted on the Brazilian rating agencys website. Blizzard then referred to the bug.

However, it is worth considering that we are probably just a fake with the name written in the code. Especially if we take into account the personality of the insider, most of the โ€œpredictionsโ€ of which did not materialize in the end.

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