Rumour: Dishonored authors work on Omens grim game with vampires

News of Bethesdas new project and Arkane Austin studio, known for Prey and the Dishonored series, appeared on the network. User Resetera said that the future game is named Omen, it will have a gloomy atmosphere and vampires. Presumably Omen will announce during the future event E3 2021.

And the release of the game is slated for spring 2022. According to 4chan, the project may be a new attempt to release Prey 2: the project was officially canceled in 2014.

Another portion of unconfirmed information refers to the mysterious game Starfield. The same source claims that Bethesda is not going to release an epic sci-fi saga.

The project will focus on space exploration and more like No Mans Sky or Outer Wilds than Mass Effect. And it will also be presented at E3 2021.

As you know, Microsoft will participate in the upcoming E3 exhibition, which means we can really hear about Bethesda games. If anything, weve already been promised a brain explosion.

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