Rumour: GTA VI will be modern and the map will change with the release of DLC

Blogger Tom Henderson, who is best known for insider information about Battlefield 2042, shared rumors about Grand Theft Auto Vi. If Henderson and his sources are to be believed, setting GTA VI will become modern, and Vice City will be back in some way. This contradicts earlier rumours of a return to the 80s, however Henderson stated that thanks to modern setting, developers want to achieve more freedom when working on GTA Online.

Also Henderson said that the GTA VI card wont be as big as it was mentioned in some rumors, but it would change with add-ons. The add-ons will not only add new locations, but also change the landscape of the original map.

Also the insider mentioned the presence of several playable characters, one of which would be a woman. As for release date, Henderson believes the release will not take place until 2024 at the earliest.

The reason is not only early in development, but also Rockstars desire to improve working conditions to reduce the number of reworks. In addition, the game will only be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, so the authors want to wait for a period of maximum availability of current generation consoles to maximize sales.

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