Rumour: Hackers stole personal details of former CD Projekt RED employees

One of the famous Polish journalists Marcin Kosman, author of the book Nie tylko Wiedźmin, said in his tweet that the recent hacking attack on CD Projekt could have serious Consequences. Kosman refers to the messages of his colleagues. CD Projekt RED staff are massively changing personal documents and undergoing verification with the Credit Information Bureau, they said.

And one of them has already been called from the bank asking if he really wants to take out a loan (he did not apply) . The journalist suggests that the mining of hackers was the personal data of former employees of CDP.

pl, company that was linked to CD Projekt but after separation went bankrupt and shut down. The company itself immediately after the report of the hack admitted that it could neither confirm nor deny the leak.

But I recommended that action be taken, so perhaps thats what those who decided to update documents and credit records. So far, only the original files of Gwent have become public ;, and those quickly removed from exchangers.

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