Rumour: PlayStation-exclusive Wild by Michel Ansel cancelled

Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat said that the development of PlayStation-exclusive Wild by Michel Ansel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, has been cancelled. A year later, the authors revealed the first gameplay. Wild is an adventure game about survival in a primitive world.

Players were going to take on the role of a shaman who could enlist in various animals and control them. In September 2020, Michel Ansel announced the end of his career in the gaming industry.

At the time, the French game designer said that Wild was in good hands and that development was going very well. โ€œI think Michelle Ansel threw up the project.

He doesn‘t work on it anymore. The project was closed.

The team that worked on the game was considering trying to stay together to work on other projects. I don’t know what happened to that, but they said, ‘We’re not anymore working on Wild, but we have a lot of talent here, so maybe we can work on something โ€ โ€” Jeff Grubb.

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