Rumour: Ryse: Son of Rome sequel wont become an Xbox exclusive

Crytek is really working on a sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome, as followed by Cryteks duck documents reports Shpeshal Ed, a well-known insider and author of the podcast Xboxera Podcast. Much more interesting that the sequel can go not only on Xbox and PC, but also on PlayStation. โ€œThe interesting thing about Ryse, and I know how strange it sounds that its being made as a multi-platform release โ€” its not an Xbox exclusive.

If the game does come out, it looks like it will come out everywhere. โ€ Ryse: Son of Rome came out with Xbox One in November 2013 โ€” however, the game received mixed reviews from critics and the community.

A year later, the action in historical scenery reached the PC. https://www.

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