Rumours in Ghent: youth protest against stricter coronavirus rules

Tonight, in the Flemish city of Ghent, there have been some disturbance. Young people had gone to the streets on a massive scale to protest against the stricter corona measures proclaimed in Belgium.

At St. Peter‘s Square in the center it was busy at the beginning of the evening. Young people did not wear mouth masks and kept too little distance, reports the VRT. Police officers spoke to the protesters, but when that didn’t help, the square was cleared.

About 100 young people refused to leave and threw beer and glass at the cops. People have been arrested, how much is not yet clear. According to the VRT, the atmosphere in the city is grim. Groups of young people have gone into surrounding streets. The police are still here.


It was also busy in the student city of Leuven. Two parks were closed in the afternoon and tonight the police evacuated the Ladeuzeplein in the centre. Everyone left there, writes the VRT.