Runner stabs Dog Dribbel to death: ‘Like a child has been taken from us’

A runner stabbed a little dog to death on Saturday night in the Belgian town Waasmunster. Dog Dribbel walked towards the jogger who then stabbed the animal twice in the heart with a knife. The police started a big search for the killer, but he didn‘t get anything.

โ€œ Dribbel ran loose because he knows the neighborhood very well and hardly gets traffic here,โ€ says owner Kristoff van Havere to Nieuwsblad. โ€œWhen a runner passes by he always finds it very pleasant, and sometimes he walks to it happily. But he’s not dangerous at all. That‘s what my wife called to that jogger on Saturday night. But he suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed Dribbel right into his heart with it,โ€ says Van Havere.

The young

animal did not survive the stabbing. The police were called in and started an investigation immediately. โ€œAll our available teams were deployed,โ€ says Commissioner Peter De Proft of the local police of Hamme/Waasmunster. Unfortunately, no results, because the unsub is still missing.

The man wore a pair of shorts and had a hat on his head. โ€œWhen the runner saw that the situation was serious, he started running even faster. It was an athletic person who kept a fast pace. We suspect that he has gone in the direction of the Molsbroek or has been hiding somewhere,โ€ the couple said.

Big loss

for Kristoff and his wife, the death of their dog is hard. โ€œDribbel was part of our family. He sometimes even slept in our room at night. It’s like a child has been taken from us.โ€

Also the way Dribbel died is difficult to comprehend. โ€œThe knife with which he was stabbed to death turned out to be of a reasonable size. Who would take something like that when they run? And who says it won‘t happen again? Besides, Dribbel wouldn’t hurt a rabbit. There was nothing of aggression in him. He just wanted to play.โ€