Russia bans’ blasphemous’ lesbian nuns movie Paul Verhoeven

Russia has banned the new Paul Verhoeven film Benedetta. The film, which was scheduled to run in Russian cinemas from October 7th, has not received a distribution license from the Ministry of Culture, the Russian state agency Tass reports on Saturday.

The new work by 83-year-old Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is about the love between two lesbian nuns. At the beginning of July, the film premiered in Cannes.

The story of the nuns would violate a Russian law due to a particular scene. In the scene in question, a homemade dildos are used in the form of a saint. Thats considered offensive to religious people.

According to critics, in Russia, it is difficult to get films about homosexuality on the silver screen anyway. So many filmmakers cut the scenes out of their work in advance.