Russia calls back ambassador from U.S.

The Kremlin has recalled its ambassador from Washington. Russia mentions the deteriorating relationship with the United States as the reason for the decision. That will be a reference to the harsh statements President Joe Biden made earlier this week.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes in a statement that Ambassador Anatoly Antonov โ€œwas summoned to Moscow for talks to analyze what needs to be done in the context of the relationship with the United States.โ€ In this way, the ministry wants to โ€œprevent an irreversible deterioration of the relationship.โ€

Washington owes this deterioration of the relationship to itself, states the Kremlin: โ€œIt is of the utmost importance for us to find a way to restore the Russian-American relationship. A relationship that has ended up in heavy weather, because Washington has gone a dead end.โ€

In a television interview, Biden called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin โ€œa murdererโ€. The US President also threatened that Russia will โ€œpay the priceโ€ for the disinformation campaign during last years elections. That seems to be an implicit announcement of new sanctions, although Biden did not want to confirm that: โ€œYou will notice soon enough.โ€