Russia calls for release President Guinea after coup

Russia has called for President Condรฉ of Guinea to release immediately. Military men captured the president yesterday and overthrew the government of the West African country.

โ€œMoscow opposes any attempt at unconstitutional change of leadership,โ€ says the State Department in a statement. โ€œWe demand that Mr Condรฉ be released and that his immunity be guaranteed. We consider it necessary to bring the situation in Guinea back to constitutional standards as soon as possible.โ€

The coup followed after a day of turmoil last weekend in the capital Conakry. Whether the military is in control of total power is unknown. Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, who led the coup, said yesterday he no longer entrusted politics to one man, โ€œwe want to give her to the peopleโ€. Meanwhile, President Condรฉ is being held in an unknown place.

The coup also has economic implications for the country. The price of bauxite has reached the highest level in 18 months in China. Buyers are concerned about the supply of the post-coup raw material.

Guinea is the second largest producer of bauxite, China is the largest market. A spokesman for the largest bauxite producer in the world says Guinea production is running as normal. The mines would not have been touched by the political turmoil.