Russia comes with entry bans for eight European officials

Russia imposes an entry ban on eight European officials. These include Vice-President Vera Jourova of the European Commission and President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli. The entry ban is a retaliation for recent European sanctions against six Russians.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had already announced that it would put forward โ€œnot necessarily symmetricalโ€ countermeasures. The Ministry now states that the European Union ‘continues its policy of unilateral, unlawfully restrictive measures against Russian citizens and organisations’. โ€œAll our proposals to solve problems between Russia and the European Union through professional dialogue have been structurally ignored or rejected.โ€

The Russian Sanctions List also includes EU officials from France, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. Among them are Berlin‘s prosecutor Jรถrg Raubach and Swedish ร…sa Scott. They also noted last year that Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was poisoned with novichoke, a neurotoxin developed in the Soviet Union.

Entourage of Putin

The EU met sanctions in March against two Russians allegedly involved in prosecuting gays and lesbians in the Russian region of Chechnya. At that time, four Russians from President Putin’s entourage were put on the sanctity list for poisoning and prosecuting Navalny and crushing protests. Among other things, it was the Russian Attorney General.