Russia entered the top 5 film rolling markets in the world for the beginning of 2021

According to the company ComScore, Russia entered the top 5 film rolling markets for the first quarter of 2021 โ€” it owns the fourth place. Despite the fact that the figures of this year in dollars fell compared to the same period for 2020 by 31. 9%, it was possible to get into the top due to the unstable position of rental in other territories because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Total fees for the beginning of this year in Russia amounted to 172 million dollars. Leading Chinas top film market, where not only premieres from Hollywood came out, but also local paintings, some of which easily bypassed foreign competitors.

In total, fees in China are already 2,774 billion dollars. Japan (327 million dollars) and the United States (233 million dollars) โ€” while Japan experienced an increase relative to the indicators last year, but here it was minimal (3.

6%). And in China it exceeded the volume ten times – again, thanks to the success of its own tapes.

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