‘Russia is preparing provocation to invade Ukraine’

Russia is secretly preparing a provocation action in Ukraine to have an excuse to invade its neighboring country. That‘s what a Pentagon employee announced today.

According to the US official, there is evidence that Russia has trained people to attack pro-Russian insurgents in Ukraine in the east of the country. They would also have been taught how to use explosives in the sabotage action.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence confirms that Russia is deploying provocateurs. Putin’s spokesman contradicts the accusation: โ€œSo far, all these statements have been unfoundedโ€.

100,000 Russian military

The information from the US about the provocation plans comes at the end of a week with three meetings between Russian and Western officials. The tense situation at the border of Ukraine was central to this. Around 100,000 Russian soldiers were contracted there. Talks about the withdrawal of those troops have been laborious.

Russia is demanding that NATO withdraw from all countries that fell under the Russian sphere of influence during the Cold War. The Russians also want the guarantee that Ukraine will never join NATO.

This is further explained in this video:

U.S. Department of Defense Press Secretary John Kirby tells CNN that Russian President Putin is likely aware of the false flag operation. With past experiences in mind, Kirby called it โ€œhard to believe that this type of activity can take place without the knowledge of the highest level of the Russian governmentโ€.

A false flag operation is intended to put responsibility for an attack in the shoes of another country.

Government websites hacked

Today, government websites of Ukraine have been shut down by a cyberattack. On the websites there was a threatening text in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish to read: โ€œFear and fear the worst.โ€ The attack raises tensions in the region even further.

The Ukrainian security service says it has indications that hacker groups with close ties to the Russian secret service are behind the attack.