Russia pressures Google into conflict over state medium RT

Russia threatens a total or partial blockade of YouTube if owner Google continues to block two German-language channels of the Russian state medium RT.

Russian media supervisor Roskomnadzor has sent Google a letter. It asks that all restrictions be lifted as soon as possible. These types of actions can be considered a violation of โ€œfundamental human rights and freedomsโ€, the regulator Google informed.

If Google doesn‘t respond quickly, a warning will follow. If Google does not respond and does not remove the blockade โ€œwe can take measures, including a complete or partial blockade,โ€ RT quotes the letter.

RT DE and Der Fehlende Part

s German-language channels RT DE and Der Fehlende Part (DFP) are not available on YouTube since Tuesday. RT would have broken the directive against the spread of fake news about corona.

Russia reacted like a wasp stabbed. The State Department spoke of an act of โ€œunprecedented information aggressionโ€. RT heard from diplomats that clearly had been conspired with the German government.

The German government says it has nothing to do with the RT blockade. โ€œIt‘s a YouTube decision, based on YouTube’s rules,โ€ a spokesperson said.

Fake News

RT (formerly Russia Today) is seen as an important example of a news channel that deliberately spreads disinformation. That broadcaster is funded by the Kremlin.

The German weekly Der Spiegel discovered that Russian authorities often dictate how the channel should report on, for example, the corona vaccine or Russian subjects. โ€œThey spread disinformation so that people lose trust in our democracy in Germany,โ€ said Der Spiegel journalist Anne-Katrin Mรผller.