Russia reports deaths of more than 1000 corona patients for the first time

Russia has reported the biggest rise in the number of corona patients deceased since the start of the pandemic. According to government figures, 1002 patients died in a day.

It is the first time that the daily Covid-19 death toll has been above 1000 in government statistics in Russia. Authorities are also reporting a record increase in corona infections. Another 33,208 individuals have been found to have contracted the virus.

The vaccination rate in Russia is far behind that in many Western countries to chagrin from the authorities. About a third of Russians have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. President Vladimir Putin has called on his compatriots to be vaccinated, but many people do not respond.

Russians have been able to access vaccines developed domestically for months, such as Sputnik-V, and Russia also provides it to many other countries, but there is a lot of skepticism among its own population. Polls show that more than half of Russians do not want to be vaccinated.