‘Russia should not use Nord Stream 2 gas line in Ukraine escalation’

In the event of another escalation in Ukraine, Russia should not use the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, says German Foreign Minister Baerbock. Thats what Germany and the United States agreed.

โ€œIn the event of further escalation, this gas line will not be able to be put into use,โ€ the minister told the German television channel ZDF.

Baerbock made the statements after the end of the G7 meeting, which was dedicated to the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Germany and the US spoke to each other in the British port city of Liverpool.

Conflict around pipeline

The British and Americans were more likely to express concern about Russian troop building near the border with Ukraine. They fear that it is a prelude to a Russian invasion. Moscow denies having plans for an invasion.

The Nord Stream 2 has been the subject of a high-rise political conflict between Russia, the US and Europe for years. Washington states that Europe becomes too dependent on Russian gas and thus threatens to become a victim of energy blackmail. Russia could put political pressure on vulnerable Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine.

Last summer, Washington and Berlin already issued a joint statement to prevent Russia from โ€œabusingโ€ the pipeline for political pressure. They already warned Russia to โ€œhold the country to account for its aggression and malicious activities by imposing sanctionsโ€.

German Chancellor Scholz said yesterday during a work visit to Poland that Germany will continue to work for Ukraine as a transit route for gas to Europe. โ€œWe continue to feel responsible for ensuring that Ukrainian activities in gas transit continue to be successful,โ€ said Scholz.