Russia tests hypersonic missile more than 350 km away

Russia claims to have successfully tested a hypersonic cruise missile. A warship fired the projectile at a target near the Russian coast in the northern Barents Sea. โ€œThe Zircon missile hit a distance target of more than 350 kilometers. The flight speed approached Mach 7โ€, reports the Russian Ministry of Defense, which published images of the missile test.

The Zircon belongs to the arsenal of โ€œinvincibleโ€ futuristic weapons that President Vladimir Putin announced the development of. They need to be able to bypass existing defense systems.

The Department of Defense has said it wants to equip both warships and submarines with the Zircon cruise missile.

Putin revealed the development of the rocket during a speech in 2019, when he said the projectile has a range of 1000 kilometers and could hit targets on land and sea. The president called an earlier test of the projectile last year an important event. โ€œNot just for our armed forces, but for the whole of Russia.โ€