Russian actress shot into space to movie set

Russian actress Joelia Peresild has arrived at the International Space Station, where she is shooting her latest feature film over the next two weeks. Its the first time a film outside the Earth has been shot. Cameraman and producer Klim Sjipenko went with her to space, as did the experienced cosmonaut Anton Sjkaplerov.

The missile with Peresild (37), Shipenko (38) and Shkaplerov (49) was launched Tuesday from the Baikonur space base in Kazakhstan. Just over three hours after leaving, after two rounds around the Earth, their vessel connected to the ISS. That revolves around the Earth at an altitude of about 430 kilometers. After a few hours of preparation, the hatch between capsule and space station opened and Peresild floated into her new film set. In almost two weeks, Peresild and Sjipenko have to return to Earth.

Peresild has the lead role in the new Russian film Vizov (The Challenge). In the film, ISS crew member Oleg Novitski gets unwell. He cannot go back to Earth, which is why a surgeon played by Peresild goes into space to operate and save his life. The last half hour of the film should be in the space station. Novitsky was the one who opened the hatch for Peresild after arriving.

The ISS now home to ten people: five Russians, three Americans, a Japanese and a Frenchman.