Russian adventure Torn Away has a page on Steam

Moscow studio Perelesoq opened the Steam-page of its debut game Torn Away. And to this event timed a short trailer for the future gloomy adventure. In Torn Away, we will again see World War II through the eyes of a child.

Ten year old Ase, which the Germans took to a labor camp, manages to escape from there. And now she is trying to return home, but for this it is necessary to cross Germany and Poland.

Players have a difficult task: to spend a ten-year-old child through all the horrors of war. Ace will have to hide from soldiers, look for shelter to sleep or wait for terrible weather, extract at least some sustenance and at all that try not to lose faith in people.

Torn Away goes out on RS at the end of the year. You can already add the game to your desired list on Steam.

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