Russian developers have announced a fantastic role-playing game Distortion

Developers from the Moscow Game Art Pioneers studio, together with the RTA group of companies, announced Distortion, the studios debut story-based role-playing game with elements of strategy in They plan to create a project that combines elements of fantasy and science fiction, while being dramatic at the same time. โ€œThe game is set in a unique Middlepunk setting, and the plot is dedicated to mutual support and unification in the face of an insurmountable threat. The original and detailed game world of DISTORTION organically continues the philosophy and style of cyberpunk in synthesis with medieval fantasy, offering the player a look at a dark and harsh story or, as Dmitry Zdesev, a leading game designer at Game Art Pioneers, notes, gamers are waiting for an โ€œepic of self-determination in the face of global upheavals, where the fate of several main the characters are revealed in the context of bright events that will not wait for the player.

โ€ So far, the game does not have a trailer, but the developers have presented several arts showing characters landscapes and monsters. Distortion is planned to be released in 2025 on PC and consoles.

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