Russian ex-agent and serial killer convicted of two more murders: total now at 80

Russian serial killer Mikhail Popkov, also known as the Angarsk maniac, was convicted of two additional murders on Friday. That brings the total number of victims of the former policeman to 80, as the Russian Investigation Committee announced.

The 57-year-old ex-cop was arrested in 2012 and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 for the murder of 22 women. In 2018, he received another life sentence for 56 additional murders between 1992 and 2007.

On Friday, the court in Angarsk, Irkutsk region, found him guilty of two more murders from 1995, for which he was sentenced to nine years and eight months in prison. According to the investigators, the man confessed to both murders, reports Belga.


Popkov committed most of his murders in Angarsk. A Siberian city of about 230,000 inhabitants. He killed 79 women and a man, a police officer.

He invited his victims to show his car, sometimes he used his police car for this. Often he raped his victims first. His victims were between 16 and 40 years old. He killed them with an ax or a hammer, he himself told the Russian news site Meduza in 2017.

He described himself as a cleaner who visited the prostitutes of the city and took care of them. Only two women survived his attacks.

Other well-known Russian serial killers include Andeï Tchikatilo, who was executed in 1994 for the murder of 53 adults and children during the Soviet era, and Alexandre Pitchouchkine, who was given life in 2007 for the murder of 48 people in Moscow.